AGS One - Pest Control Service for Arun District Council

Welcome to AGS One, providers of pest control services on behalf of Arun District Council.

About AGS One

AGS provides pest control, specialist cleaning, surface renovation and safety-critical labour in partnership with public sector and public transport organisations around the South East of England.

Our Service

We offer complete and comprehensive pest control services to domestic, commercial and agricultural premises, and can provide bespoke pest detection and prevention contracts to suit your individual business needs. We are able to treat all domestic premises including privately owned properties.

We also offer advice on proofing, prevention and hygiene matters relating to pest control, as well as an insect identification service.

AGS have many years of experience in this sector and employee a team of highly trained and vastly experienced Pest Control Officers.

Our services are chargeable, please see below list of fees. The fee will be payable at the time of booking, so please have your card details ready. We will not usually be able to refund the payment once treatment is under way.

Our Fees

The fees shown here are specific to the residents of Arun District Council and in relation to the pests listed.

For commercial prices please call us on 01903 954711 for a no obligation survey and quote.

For bird control, heat treatments or other specialist services please call us on 01903 954711 to arrange a no obligation survey and quote.

Discounted prices

The discounted rate applies if you receive one of the below benefits. You will need to show proof that you receive one of the qualifying benefits to the Pest Control Officer when they call.

  • Guaranteed pension credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income based employment support allowance
  • Income support
  • Income based job seekers allowance
  • Universal credit
  • Tax credits on income of £15,050 or less
  • Council Tax reduction (not single person discount)

How We Work

We achieve our excellent pest control results by combining in-depth understanding of the pests we aim to control with a determination to see the job through to achieve the best possible results.

We define this as our PRIME approach to pest control:


PestTreatment TypeCost
RatsSurvey, treatment (including follow up visits)£56.38
MiceSurvey, treatment (including follow up visits)£56.38
Wasp NestPayment covers treatment of one nest£46.98
Additional Wasp NestIf on the same property and treated at the same time£18.79
CockroachesUp to 2 bedroom properties: £20 per additional room£116.93
Fleas & Clothes Moths1 bedroom property£83.52
2 bedroom property£102.31
3 bedroom property£102.31
4 bedroom property£125.28
5 bedroom property£135.72
Additional rooms, extensions, conservatories etc£15.66
BedbugsInitial survey£20.88
1st room (includes steam bed if required)£161.82
Per extra room£93.96
Cluster Flies1-3 bedroom properties£83.52
4+ bedroom properties£104.4
SquirrelsInternal only, covers up to 3 squirrels, thereafter £20 per squirrel£93.96
Pest Identification ServiceSample collected by Pest Control Officer£20.88
Call Out ChargeSurvey only/advice visit£20.88

Additional Information

You will be offered either a morning or an afternoon appointment:

AM Appointments will be between 9.30-13.30

PM Appointments will be between 12.00-16.30

Unfortunately, we can’t always be more specific than this, as it allows our Officers to plan the most efficient route to cover the jobs they have booked for that particular day. Our Officers will be carrying identification, which you can ask for, but should introduce themselves to you.

All prices cover the whole treatment, and there are no hidden extras. For rodents, whether they are internal or external, 3 visits are about the average to deal with a problem. However, if further visits are required, then these are included. Wasps and other insects generally only require one visit, but if the Officer feels it is necessary to make a follow up appointment, we will arrange that with you at no extra cost.

The Treatments

For rodent treatments, we use mainly anticoagulant based rodenticides in various formulations. Their action is similar to that of warfarin, in that they stop the blood from clotting. All our rodenticides are second generation anticoagulants, and as far as we are aware, there are no tolerance or resistance issues in the Arun area. All rodenticides are contained within tamper resistant bait boxes and are carefully placed in sheltered locations away from the reach of animals and children.

As part of the treatment, we will survey your property and, in the case of rats, check the drainage systems too. It is not always possible to find entry points, particularly in terraced houses and blocks of flats. Entry points by mice can be very difficult to locate. If we find anything, we will tell you, and offer advice on remedying the situation. Any and all recommendations must be followed to give our treatment the best chance of success.

For wasp treatments, an insecticidal powder is introduced to the nest, which attacks the individual wasps. This gradually transfers from one to another, and soon all are affected.

Commercial Contracts

We offer tailor made contracts for businesses. The benefits of having a contract are:

  • Routine pest control inspections
  • Identification and treatment of problems before they arise
  • Constant monitoring for all pest species on contract
  • Insect identification
  • Routine, follow up and emergency call outs are included in the cost.
  • For information about the service or to obtain a quote, please email us at or phone 01903 954711.

Commercial and domestic pest control services provided by AGS One.


Cert No 19830


Cert No 19830


Cert No 19830